Here is a collection of comments that my clients have provided to me in the past, demonstrating their high level of satisfaction with my work. While most company names have been omitted due to corporate policies, full references are available by request.

We were lucky enough to meet Dominick through our CPA when we were searching for someone to help us design an order entry, invoicing, purchasing and inventory management program. Dominick sat down with myself and another co-worker to design a system that was simple and easy to use for a company that has been based for over fifty years. The result was a program that we still use today and that was in the spring of 1998. We have had to do minor critiquing over the years, but nothing major. Personally, Dominick has always been timely and thorough in his services. We are fortunate to have met his acquaintance.
Vic Schneider Jr., Office Administrator - Albert Sterling & Assoc.

We have been using a program developed by this company since 1997 for real-time tracking of jobs. A customer can call me and ask how much has been spent on his project and I can access the information along with a breakdown of materials and labor with them on the phone. If a breakdown of labor along with craftsman is needed, that also is available. This program has been a real asset and is continuing to be used daily.
Alvin Brown, Engineering Tech. - major oil company

My sincere thanks for all of your superhuman efforts in the last two months. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty, dealing with changing requirements and last minute requests more times than I can count. Thank you.
Alene Walker, Project Manager

Dominick was given a difficult task and was able to tackle and complete it. He was able to take vague requirements and turn it into a working product. Dominick had to work with the vendor of the system and to deal with challenges with connectivity (beyond his control). He was even willing to go on-site (Altamira, Mexico) and work with the system to resolve the challenges. He also discovered challenges in the vendor's code and managed to work around them. I find Dominick very easy to work with and would recommend him for other projects.
Tony Graham, Senior Consultant - Shell Services International

I have been very pleased with Dominick's assistance. He fulfilled the role exactly as we needed him in this project. We were able to give him general guidelines and he came back with a product that was very close to what we needed. He was most understanding with the many changes we kept requesting and the turnaround for these items was quick, sometimes within minutes.
Roger Johnson, Financial Manager, Planning and Finance

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